School curricula at ordinary and advanced level

Ordinary Level
Luigi Giussani High School operates on the standard education curriculum of Uganda.

The school offers 13 subjects examined by the national examining body (UNEB); the 7 compulsory subjects as obliged by the Ministry of Education and Sports and one chosen by the school which is C.R.E, plus 5 non-compulsory subjects. All in all at the ordinary level the school offers the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, C.R.E, Agriculture, Literature, Fine Art, French and Commerce

Student at BB 1

Advanced Level

Luigi Giussani High School offers both Science and Arts subjects as recommended by the Ministry of Education and Sports. The Science subjects offered include: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Mathematics

From the above Science subjects, the school offers 4 combinations: PEM, BCM, BCA, PCM. Still at the Advanced level, we offer Arts subjects and these include: History, Geography, Divinity, Economics, Fine Art

From the subjects above, the school offers combinations such as: HEG, HDG, HDF, HDL, HEL, DEG.

At Advanced level, each student compulsorily does 2 subsidiary subjects which are General paper and one between Subsidiary Mathematics or Computer Studies.

The school keeps increasing on the number of combinations offered at the Advanced level so as to avail the students with wider variety of possibilities.

CoLa student with light