Each student is unique
Attention and love for the individual student are the first characteristics of this school. Students are the protagonists of the educational process and for this reason the classroom population doesn’t exceed the 50 units.


Students in class 2

Teaching is the adult way of learning
The prerogative of the Luigi Giussani High school is to have qualified teachers who are seriously engaged with their work. The curiosity, love and passion for their subject and for the world around them, make them more attentive to the needs of the students and provokes them to constantly upgrade their formation.
Through the training and refresher courses active throughout the year, they experience a radically alternative “didactic action” which is able to concentrate on the student’s good, capable of questioning the cognitive processes involved, capable of correctly assessing the path of the individual, and able to combine a solid mastery of content with attention to the development of transversal skills (transversal skills).

Science lab 2 student 1

A positive place to learn
Another key feature is beauty; we educate through beauty that is always a reflection of the Truth.
For this reason, every structural aspect has been thought of as a sign of beauty, because we firmly believe that it educates much more than many words. And beauty is the first thing our students are entitled to and need.

Everything educates
Our services
• High standard education level
• Highly qualified teachers
• Classroom population not exceeding 50 units
• Well-equipped chemistry, biology and physics laboratories
• Computer lab
• Very well stocked library
• Excellent sports facility
• Engaging extra-curricular activities

Students in class 1