Method of teaching



Every Student is Unique

We are dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of ability or background.

Based on a progressive and inclusive curriculum, our teaching is innovative and challenging in both content and delivery. Students achieve most when they enjoy their learning, so we encourage active participation in the classroom and the involvement of parents and carers at home. Proactive setting of targets and monitoring of achievement ensure that all students make the best possible progress, and we encourage them to take increasing responsibility for their own improvement.
Setting in some core subjects allows students to work at the optimum pace. More able students are provided with additional challenges to ensure they fulfil their potential.

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Those needing support in their learning receive targeted help, both within and outside of the classroom from one of our team of Guardian Angels (teacher specially dedicated to some students) who cater for students with learning difficulties. Through high standards of teaching, thorough preparation and extracurricular revision, our dedicated staff help students to achieve their best in examinations. They provide one-to-one assistance in the classroom and in small to ensure that all students have full access to the curriculum and achieve well.


Enriching Opportunities for Students

Developing Life Skills
We organize General Meetings for our students. We address and develop the content of the course, sharing with students the issues related to the theme. It is important to make students aware of the strategies, which the teachers will adopt, to address in a serious method the theme proposed during the academic year. After a year of work, we share with all the students their experiences and impressions. We help them to reach a critical awareness of their own experiences, highlighting the novelties and the corrections of the path done.

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Class Hour

Each group or class participates in a meeting with the teacher in charge and a facilitator. During this meeting students can compare their own experience and develop a conscience more and more critical about the journey done. This meeting is convened every term.

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Training for youth leaders

We organize residential training for youth leaders. Youth leaders are helped through a training that aims at increasing the awareness of their potentialities, of their value as human being. This training develops children’s self-confidence and ability to trust their own judgment. It shall give the students the opportunity to build strong relationships with others and understand how to positively contribute to those relationships.


Outings for youth: these activities help improving social and ethical skills of youth. Accompanying them in visiting beautiful places is a useful and educative mean to increase the awareness of their need for fruitful engagement with the whole reality.

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Promoting employment-relevant skills

We propose a number of activities to our students for improving learning outcomes and increasing the relevance of curricula.

Visits to Production sites

We aim at exposing the youth to the knowledge of production sites that can help them in relating what they are studying to the real world and encourage them in being more consistent in deepening the study subjects.

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Career guidance

we open a dialogue with students about the criteria of a reasonable choice for their future. We give them the opportunity to visit to University Campus and attend some university lessons to better be introduced to the campus life.

Dialogues with professionals

We promote dialogues with professionals; in choosing their future career many students have difficulties in identifying their path since they have had few possibility of entering in contact with professionals that can help them in discovering more about the job they are doing. Exposing the students to life experiences shall increase their ability of choosing for themselves and aspire to brightest future.

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