School rules and regulations

Obedience to Authority

  • All students must at all times obey and respect the school authority vested in the Head teacher, Deputy, Teachers, Prefects and all persons to whom the authority of the Head teacher may be delegated from time to time. Disobedience, obstruction, rudeness, insubordination, refusal to cooperate with authority, failure to carry out and submit academic assignments/exercises/researchers etc, are acts which contravene this rule. Students are to cooperate with the non teaching and support staff.
  • Promotion from one class to the next shall be based on merit and all students shall be required to attain the pass mark as shall be established from time to time.
  • Every student and his parent/guardian shall execute an undertaking of obedience to the school rules and regulations set out herein on the form contained in admission form attached to these rules.


All students must adhere to the spiritual programmes organized and endorsed by the school administration. Any other spiritual programmes outside the above arrangement, unless expressly approved by the Head teacher, are totally prohibited.


No student shall possess or make use of and no parent/guardian shall provide to any student a radio, personal computer, mobile phone, camera, sim card or any other communication gadget while at school.


  • English is the official medium of communication. Any other languages used should be among those prescribed by the UNEB examination syllabus and offered at Luigi Guissani High School.
  • Use of vulgar, obscene, profane or derogatory language is strictly forbidden.

Alcohol and Drugs

Students shall not take any intoxicants or prohibited drugs and shall not have them in their possession, or act under their influence.


Possessing or smoking cigarettes, tobacco, pipes or any other noxious substance is prohibited.


No student shall absent himself from any lesson or any other prescribed function without permission from the school authority.


  • Damage to, misuse or loss of school property will be paid for or replaced in kind by the student(s) concerned either individually or collectively as the case may be. The parent/guardian of the student involved shall be held personally liable to make good the said damage, misuse or loss.
  • No student is allowed to enter or stay in specified rooms such as the staff room, offices, laboratories and libraries in the absence of a teacher or the relevant member of staff.


  • Absence from classes, preps or any other activity on medical grounds must be accompanied by a Medical document from an authentic Doctor or Nurse.
  • Parents or guardians must report all cases of chronic illnesses to the school administration who will then supervise any prescribed medication. Self medication is prohibited.


  • All students shall accept the type and amount of food the school authority provides for meals.
  • Students are prohibited from consuming any food or drink not provided by the school.
  • Consuming foodstuffs and drinks in classrooms is prohibited.

Out of Bounds

Once students enter the school, they are not allowed to leave the school compound until the time for end of lessons in the evening.


Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. Therefore, all students are expected to be in the school ready for classes at 7:30 am. Students must make sure that they are on time for all school activities e.g. assemblies, classes, games etc.


It is compulsory for all students to attend classes. Students are not allowed to be absent from school without the permission of the Headmaster/Deputy.


These are compulsory to all students. Students should not get involved in any examination malpractices.


School, as well as personal property, must be respected.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Students are warned against cultivating anti-social behaviour e.g. fighting, bullying, shouting at people, quarrelling etc.


All types of personal visitors must be immediately reported to the duty master on arrival. A visitor or parent who may find it unavoidable to interrupt a student’s class time is strongly advised to do so through the teacher on duty.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students must have other interests besides studies. Education means much more than book-work. It means the development of all one’s faculties. The school provides games and organizes clubs and societies. Therefore, students should participate in games and sports, join clubs and societies etc.

The Good Name of the School

Every student must strive to maintain and improve the good name of the school at all times. Students must not behave in a manner that is likely to bring the good name of the school into disrepute.

Riots and Strikes

Any form of demonstration, riotous act, instigation or hooliganism intended or likely to cause civil disobedience or unrest in or outside the school is prohibited.