Our history

One step in the story of a people



Luigi Giussani Pre-Primary and Primary and Luigi Giussani High School are born out of the experience of Meeting Point International (MPI) that works in Uganda since 1992 in the social field by taking care and assisting the HIV-AIDS sick people, particularly in the slums of Naguru and Kireka (in the suburbs of Kampala).

Rose Busingye director of MPI, is convinced that the problem presented by HIV/AIDS makes evident the disintegration of our humanity and our society – the inconsistency and confusion that begin in the relationships between man and woman, parents and children. We need to know who we are and discover what makes us happy. The only solution to this problem is education. The schools are born for this reason, for helping each person to discover her or his infinite value and potential.

Facade with students 3

The desire for these schools is to create a place where teachers along with students set off along on a path of educational and personal growth, in which the family and the community to which each student belongs are equal partners. The need to provide a holistic approach to education grows more and more urgent in our Ugandan society and this is especially evident in the suburbs of Kampala.

These Schools are now mixed day school. The diversity of these schools is also linked to the participation of different actors in the educational process. Ugandan teachers, Italian coordinators and advisors from the Italian Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan and the German Catholic University of Eichstatt make these schools special in the panoramas of Ugandan schools.

Students singing

One of the prerogatives of the schools is to have qualified teachers who are always serious and engaged in their work. Their curiosity, with respect to their teaching subject and to the world around them, makes them more attentive to the needs of the students and compels them to continually update. The teachers’ motto is: “Teaching is the adult way of learning”. For this reason they are continually re-trained by the Luigi Giussani Institute of higher education (LGIHE) which is a reality of excellence that has formed, through refresher courses and seminars.

The attention to individual student is the first characteristic of these schools. Students are the protagonists of the educational process, for this reason the number of students in each classroom, do not exceed 50. This attention has led to great results (for schools have just been born).

CoLa Teacher and student

This is not due to a continuous series of corporal or psychological punishments, which do not exist in our schools, but above all to the attention to each and every student who is helped to discover his/her infinite value as human being. It is just through this discovery that students can realize the value of Mathematics, Physics, Geography, etc… and then discover and love all that surrounds them and the value of the education they are receiving. This is the only method that can make students aware and responsible in the present and in the future.

Another key feature of this school is beauty; we educate through beauty and for this reason, our schools are equipped with functional structures, sports facilities, libraries, modern and well equipped laboratories of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computers.