Student’s voice

“I will never forget that day and that gaze. It was on February 26th of 2014, a Wednesday when I entered the classroom, and from that moment everything changed. I can say I was reborn, this school opened my eyes” 

Gladys Aloyo, former student


“I still remember the box under my bed full of electrical wires. I dreamed of building something useful with those scrapings. Today I enjoy spending time in the laboratory. School has become home and my teachers and classmates part of my family.”

Jimmy Torach, former student


“Here I was loved and learnt how to take care of myself and my family. Thanks to the love I received from my teachers and my classmates I was able to believe in myself and start building my future.”

Vicent Lugamba, former student


“I have been attending school at Luigi Giussani High for six years now, and I can say that I have found a family. Nobody, if not my mother, had showed me so much love. Since I joined this school, my life changed.

I felt sick and my legs were paralized. At that moment it was difficult; but my friends have always helped me reach where I would want to go. I have never skipped any activity and more than once I thought this school was built for me. I was able to reach class without difficulty – thanks to the ramp in my school. I feel really loved and I am achieving excellent results in school.”

Sylvio Othembi , former student