Our view

In the view of Luigi Giussani High School, to educate is to help students to discover themselves and to bring out what is already in them (talents, desires, values). Knowledge, skills and notions are also very important, but as tools to introduce the learners to the totality and meaning of reality.
In order to educate, it is necessary to have an educator as an authority, a point of reference to guide and accompany the learners in their discoveries. These discoveries must become the personal baggage of the person who receives education: during the educative process the educator must guide the disciple to verify personally what he has learnt.


In Luigi Giussani High School, teachers, parents and students are all involved in the educational process, appreciating the fact that education should form persons able to deal with all the challenges of life, taking up their commitments and responsibilities. With this kind of approach, the person, unique and inimitable, becomes aware of his/her value and dignity and capable to promote the growth of the entire society.


The project of the Luigi Giussani High School was started because we wanted the kids, like the adults, to understand their true value
Rose Busingye