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The risk of education

General aim

To open teachers’ minds so they have a greater understanding of the importance of their roles as educators.


The Meaning of Education: This identifies the process by which a person becomes aware of the value of his/her existence, environment and basic needs. The participants are introduced to an educational method, which focuses on bringing out the inherent potential in every learner using the subject, not as an end in itself, but as a means to help the learner understand the meaning of life.


Giussani durante una lezione

The Child’s Socio Cultural Background: Every subject taught is a result of the human experience and should therefore be presented in a way that respects the background of the learner, the teacher and the entire institution.

The Presence of an Adult: This traces a teacher’s responsibility to bring about growth in their learners, their colleagues and the wider community through his/her life.

The Need for Critical Thinking: This identifies the need to engage learners in critical and analytical thinking, essential for reasonable and mature decisions. It defines the goal of education in terms of enabling learners to carry out problem solving and situational analysis for daily life.

The Need to Respect Freedom of Others: This presents the need for a teacher to awaken leaners’ ability to make independent decisions and take full responsibility for their own decisions and actions, regardless of circumstances.


Educate while teaching

General Aim

After having reawakened the awareness of the importance of the teaching profession, this module aims at reviewing the teaching methods and tools in the light of this discovery


Child Development: Teachers are introduced to the stages of child development and the competencies and skills developed at each stage. Emphasis is put on what an educator.

Positive Discipline: Participants are introduced to a method of correcting learners that enables them understand their own behaviour, take initiatives, be responsible for their choices, and respect themselves and others.

CoLa Teacher and student

Creativity in Teaching: Having a creative classroom means that the teacher takes the risk of moving from the usual routine to the relevant and somewhat unusual and encourages his/her students to do the same.

Teaching Methods: Educators are introduced to a method of teaching that looks at the child as an individual not at children as a class. They are introduced to methods that awaken the child’s curiosity to learn.

Planning and Preparing to Teach: Participants are introduced to a method of planning and preparations that develops their abilities to scheme and plan for the children not for the teacher himself. Emphasis is put on the holistic approach in preparing learning outcomes, skills and competencies.

Organization: Participants are introduced to different activities that can lead to an organized class; including record keeping, holding meetings, and understanding of a child as a whole not only looking at the cognitive aspects but “the Whole child”.

Teacher Fredy 3

Classroom observation

We continuously evaluate the work carried out by the teachers by accompanying them in the process of lesson planning and being present during their lesson delivery and together evaluating the work done.

We developed an evaluation instrument with 6 major indicators to help teachers correct the teaching methods, didactics, students’ behaviour, class management and the use of teaching tools.

Science lab 1 Two students with teacher

We introduced innovative use of resources to increase the quality of learning in order to reach each and every student in the school.

To improve on the understanding of parents of the value of secondary education we propose activities that make parents participate to the life of the school.

If parents don’t understand that the school is a place for them (‘belongs’ to them) they will never develop a sense of belongingness and participate to the life of their children in school.

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